Why Adults Should Read Kids’ Books, or A Love Letter to Where The Wild Things Are

Source: Why Adults Should Read Kids’ Books, or A Love Letter to Where The Wild Things Are



The sound is overwhelming to my ears.

“Beep Beep Beep”

I try to ignore the noise.

I try to keep focus on the sweet smelling wild flowers I have placed myself in.

The sound continues to get louder. My ears are now ringing and the wild flowers begin to fade.

My eyes slowly open and I extend my hand toward the sound. “Damn alarm.”

Too soon. Always too soon.

The morning has already begun for many others. I can hear the passing of cars from the street beyond.

I am NOT a morning person. I enjoy the sun as it sets, never as it rises.

When your up before the sun, it means there is work to be done. “Blah”

I’ve always worked so its nothing new…nor is it horrible. I enjoy the career I’ve chosen, I really do.

But today…today, for some reason, is NOT the day for work.

I feel today is a day to anything and everything but.

Today, we explore.

We wonder where we don’t normally.

We creep down halls undiscovered.

We linger in places everyone has forgotten.

Today, we EXPLORE.

Today, we relax.

We leave on our flannel pants and over-sized t-shirt.

We pull our hair back in a messy uncombed bun.

We binge watch SOA and insert ourselves right into the plot. “Of course I’ll fight the Irish with you Jax!”

Today, we RELAX.

Today, we meditate.

We stop worrying about what others need and discover our own wants.

We let the light stream through our body and push the darkness out.

We stop overthinking and start living.

Today, we MEDITATE.

Today, we do what we want.

We read the entire Harry Potter series over and uncover new details.

We lay in a hot bubble bath playing Candy Crush for hours on end.

We roam the house naked and free just because we can.


Today is not a day for work.



Why do we LOVE to hate?

The other day I was on Facebook scanning for interesting topics. I came across a video interviewing people from other countries stereotyping Americans. I thought “why the hell not?” So I watched the video and even though most of what these people were saying about Americans was false and kind of offensive, I just laughed at it and went on. As I scrolled to the bottom I noticed the comment count was outrageous. Over 500 comments were listed below. I wanted to see what exactly had so many people talking. The first one was supposedly an American soldier but as I read his thoughts throughout the conversation, that assumption became less and less appealing. There were others on there as well from America, England, Australia, and so forth and of course everyone had an opinion. Some lashed out at the people and the comments they had made on the video while others agreed with the statements. What I witnessed the most however was the constant bashing. “America made your country free!” “Americans are fat and lazy!” “This generation wants everything now and doesn’t want to work for it!” Some Americans turned on one another while others started stating facts about wars and allies and so forth. The entire time I am reading this, I can not help but steer my thoughts away from America vs the world but racism and how similar it is to our country (and others) overwhelming pride to take a side. We are so desperate to belong somewhere that no one thinks about the beginning.

America was not always America. We ALL came from somewhere else at one point or another. Not to mention, as a christian, we ALL were created by the same Creator. However, now that we have settled into a (semi) stable country, we latch on to that decision and use it as an excuse to lash out at others. Let me say this first, I love my country and could not be prouder to be an American but sometimes I am embarrassed by the decisions others make in this country. I cannot understand for the life of me why some people feel the need to constantly downgrade other people from other lands? Americas history is a great one. We fought hard for our freedom, we fought on behalf of other countries, we fought for rights, for land, for glory! And yet again, we find ourselves in the same situations that our past fathers have faced making no strive into a prosperous future. I do not blame our government alone, I blame us all. We all play a part in this. What really beats me is why we not only lash out externally but internally as well. One would think that such a patriotic country would stick together and build a stronger home front. Yet, here we are.

The Facebook comments made me not only think about the relationships with foreign countries but the internal relationship we have as Americans.


We created racism. We chose once again to pick a side and when push came to shove, color took the upper hand. How is that even possible? I never understood it. Some blame their heritage while others blame the geological place of their birth. I say both are excuses. I was born and still live in Oklahoma where we fight for our guns and discriminate everyone and everything and yet I could care less what color you are and where you came from. Growing up I thought racism was slowing but surely dying off but with age I saw for myself that with one event comes an uproar.
Has anyone else noticed stereotyping always leads to something bad? So why continue to do it? Sometimes we stereotype so much that people who didn’t know a difference at first begin to fall into that stereotype simply because we told them to.

If we even have a chance of survival in this world, the stereotype has to be eliminated. IF you must judge, do it on what that person does in his or her life not on the color of their skin or the country they come from. Give this generation a fighting chance and OH MY GOODNESS——Learn from the past!

If we keep making the same mistakes over and over again, we are surely doomed to repeat it!

Thanks for reading my rant for the day! Have a good one!

Summer Reading

For those of you who do not know me, I am an avid reader! I usually read 8-10 books a month depending on how long my kids let me read that month. With Summer in its present state, I, along with my kids, like to do a Summer reading program of some sort. The library does not acknowledge my list of what I have and have not read but my kids and I do. Kids like to see what they are doing actually has a point and if a parent follows the same rules and or program then they feel a sense of pride that an adult is doing it too. I don’t necessarily need a reason to read but If it sets my kids on the right path, then that is the reason I am using this time! 🙂

My girls set their goal of 100 books for the Summer! I am being the pushy parent who ensures that this goal is met (pissy kids or not) so I am setting myself up with a goal as well. MY goal is more about the book title and less about the amount. So I am posting online my Summer reading list in hopes of having its online presence pressure me into reaching my goal!

A Bend in the Road-N. Sparks-FINISHED
Longest Ride-N. Sparks
Anna Karenina-Tolstoy-FINISHED
Tess of the D’Urbervilles-Hardy-FINISHED
Raven Boys
(Finish) House of Night Series (2 books remain)
Great Gatsby-Fitzgerald
The Hobbit
War and Peace-Tolstoy
Sense and Sensibility-Austen
(Finish) Pride and Prejudice-Austen-FINISHED
Dracula-Bram Stoker
Sherlock Holmes-V2
Catch 22

Okay…here we go!

Update: OCT.

As it so happens, work and kids take up A LOT of time! BUT… no worries, I have indeed read a few books on my list and many more that are not.I have a problem you see. I can’t just set myself a book goal. Doesn’t work. What happens is I come across a title and description by accident, fall in temporary love, and start reading it. That is exactly what happened this Summer and even right now. However I will go back up top and give an update on what I have read and have not read. Thanks for reading! 🙂

The Thrive Experience

Lets take this post personally, shall we?

I am tired ALL the time. My immune system according to my doctor is crap. My mood changes with the swift breeze of the wind. I am overweight (in accordance with my height). My back and feet are always aching. I feel like I am falling apart. Am I 26 or going on 100?  I am still me but… not. These types of things happen to all us whether we want to admit it or not. For the longest time I thought that no matter what I did, this was the way I was going to feel. BUT…this is not the case. I have found a way to live again, I have found a way to THRIVE!
Thrive is an all natural supplement that feeds vitamins into my body all day long. I hate taking pills and following routines but Le-Vel(Thrive Company) makes the routine fairly easy to follow and now a month later I wouldn’t start my morning any other way. I get up, take 2 vitamin rich pills, wait 20 minutes and drink my shake (My puppy and I drink ours on the back porch to enjoy the morning), then put on your new DFT patch for the day! THATS IT! You do not have to work out or take stuff throughout the day! Just drink lots of water which is what we are supposed to do anyway and your finished! Some people feel the difference immediately while others feel the results later on. My body, just like my mind, is a skeptic so we didn’t feel a difference for almost 14 days! I noticed small things at first, like I wasn’t falling asleep around 4 pm anymore. In fact, I was running around and playing with my kids! I also sleep better. I used to find myself up throughout the night with my anxiety but now I can sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. Thrive found a way to help my mind relax. Here though, is my biggest difference so far. I am not and have never been a morning person. I HATE MORNINGS! I never talked to anyone before my coffee or Redbull kick. I was cranky and rude and my family didn’t deserve that. Now, even though I love to sleep, I have no problem getting up in the mornings in a good mood and ready to take on the day. Finally, I have seen a change in inches around my waist. I’m done an inch around my waist without even trying and have lost 4 lbs. That may not be a ton but to not have to try and kill myself in the gym or punish myself by not eating what I love and still lose something is a strive I’ll take! If you want to know more, let me know on Facebook. Just search my name devanwilliams.39 and message me your questions! I do not promote things I do not believe in but Thrive has made a change in my life…why not let it make a change in yours! thrive

7 Sports Villains And Their Movie Counterparts

Oh Bryan Altman, how you make me giggle!

CBS Houston

Bryan Altman, CBS Local Sports

Sports and movies have a lot in common. The storylines for the two often stay somewhat similar throughout the years while the characters and athletes that play them out change. And of course in both, there have to be heroes and there have to be a villains.

We have certainly not lacked for sports villains over the last few years and obviously, the silver screen has had its fair share of notable villains as well.

When Lance Armstrong claimed he’s “Cycling’s Lord Voldemort,” referring to the villain from the Harry Potter franchise, it felt like an opportunity to match up some more sports villains with their movie counterparts. Here are some sports villains and the silver screen villains that they best match up with.

1. Bill Belichick – Darth Sidious (Star Wars)

This one is what we would call “low hanging fruit.”…

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Critics Say What?!?

Tonight was the night. I went and saw Fifty Shades of Grey. Did I like it? Well I am still a female right? Stupid question to those who actually expected an answer. Of course I did. I own all three of the books. Is E.L James the most talented writer out there? Not a chance but she brought a fantasy to life that most women wouldn’t dare talk about. Nonetheless we ALL think about it. We all crave more and even if we don’t have the courage to pursue that kind of thing it is still nice to dream about the what if.

Back to the movie…I am such a stickler when it comes to movies following their well crafted books. This movie, in my opinion, did very well in that aspect. Screw the critics that did nothing but write terrible reviews for this movie. No one…I repeat NO ONE bought their movie ticket thinking “Well the critic online said…” literally no one cared what those people thought. I give credit to the directors and producers who went back in time and made a movie based on what the people actually wanted to see. Making movies shouldn’t just be about what award they want attached to their name. Example: “Birdman”. Stupid freaking movie. I just sat there and waited for something…anything entertaining to happen…and nothing. Wow it won awards…good deal. On to the next one.

Ranting aside, I thought the movie fast forwarded through a lot of the plot. Granted the movie was already 2 hours and 5 minutes long so I can see cutting out Jose and Ana’s tight relationship but I would have liked to see more of the build up with Ana and Christian.

Jamie Dornan is a beautiful guy but lets face it…he cannot act. It literally felt like he was reading from a script. (SAD PANDA moment) He did fit the character likeliness of what I thought Christian Grey should look like though so I will give that to them.

Dakota Johnson, on the other hand, was fabulous! She portrayed Ana perfect. She was able to show Ana as young and inexperienced but also sassy and clever. Well done casting director!

The sex scenes were not near as vile as everyone had made them out to be. Obviously those opinionated people have not read the books because those scenes were PG compared to the scenes in the series. However, I thought Dakota was placed in a more romantic light in those exotic scenes in comparison to what was actually supposed to play out.

Overall, I enjoyed seeing the movie. I thought it was well directed and cannot wait for the next one to pave over the critics reviews. I am team Fifty all the way. Goodnight to all and may your many fifty shades come to light for all to see.


The second book in the Divergent series is Insurgent and even though Divergent was an excellent read, Insurgent blew that book out of the water. This book will no  doubt go on my top 20 favorite books. The amount of action, romance, and descriptive writing that put you right in the middle of the scene made this book fantastic.

Jumping from the introduction of Divergent in which  a lot of background information played a role, Insurgent instead spends no time describing what HAD happened and dives right where Divergent left off…literally, maybe a few hours have went by.

Tris finds herself struggling with a deadly decision made in the first book and ultimately fights herself throughout because she cannot cope alone…that is until her visit to Candor headquarters. Tension both bends and mends between Tris and Tobias and many things are left unsaid to avoid any more conflict. This decision is also a poor one.

We see what life is like without the factions firmly in place. Abnegation, of all factions, pays the ultimate price in the beginning of what seems to be the next big war.

One of the many things I enjoyed about this book was getting to see (technically) the other factions…at least the ones that were not yet affected by the simulation attack. Tris among others are now fugitives struggling to find refuge from Jeannie & the control hungry Erudite. This push and pull causes such wreckage that no life is being spared. My advice, at this point, don’t get attached to any character. Your hopes and dreams could shatter at any moment!

Tobias’s family plays a huge role in this second installment.  With the appearance of someone once lost to him and his dad’s constant presence, Tobias must put aside personal vendettas and fight for what is right.

Tris spends what seems like forever contemplating her loyalties and fighting her inner self with selflessness. This  battle sends her inside Erudites headquarters and ultimately to her possible death.

With no more spoilers involved, this installment was a must read. The personal battles involved, the war taking place in their own compounds, and the love that struggles to survive makes Insurgent absolutely wonderful. Veronica Roth really brought the scenery to life through her writing and I couldn’t be more excited to see the new movie coming out in March.





TNT’s Ernie Johnson trolls Russell Westbrook with question about ‘execution’ (VIDEO)

OH RUSSELL! He is my favorite for a reason.


[nbcsports_video src=//www.youtube.com/embed/JbWPQxC8V6o?rel=0 width=620 height=349]

A few days back, Russell Westbrook made headlines by conducting yet another hostile interview after a win over the Warriors.

It wasn’t the first time this season that Westbrook has repeated the same one- or two-word answers to a variety of questions, but this one was different in that it included Westbrook telling a reporter to his face that he simply didn’t like him.

After Tuesday night’s win over the Heat, Westbrook appeared on TNT, and was pleasant and engaging in answering questions from the crew seriously. But towards the end (at the 3:05 mark), Ernie Johnson couldn’t resist poking a little fun at the hostile version of Westbrook we’ve previously witnessed.

MORE:CSN Washington subscriber? Watch Thunder-Wizards Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET

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Do What You Love, Love What You Do


I have heard this statement made throughout my life a time or two and yet the meaning never really played a role…until recently. My goals were set at a young age and I was determined to reach them. What I didn’t know at the time was that life throws curve balls that no one can hit and can send your ‘so-called’ plans into a chaotic state without warning. My ups and downs led me to latch on to someone who was in a similar state and even though nothing changed on the outside, my inner self was screaming for change. Finally after years of fighting curve ball after curve ball, I followed the pitch, kept my eyes on the ball, and left the past just that…the past. Returning home, I met someone new, got a different job, and started to feel the change I so desperately needed.Change can be a good thing if we embrace it or at least that is what I’m learning. My goals were not the same anymore. They changed just as my life did. I am trying things I never thought I would and being myself for the first time in years. Now that time of change is happening again but not the same change as before. It is like my inner person knows far more than I do about life and is leading me down the path I am destined to follow. Wish me luck as I embark on this new journey with my loved ones by my side. Send me encouraging thoughts if you will and maybe I will hear them faintly through my thoughts. I am searching for that something in order to do what I love and love what I do.