The sound is overwhelming to my ears.

“Beep Beep Beep”

I try to ignore the noise.

I try to keep focus on the sweet smelling wild flowers I have placed myself in.

The sound continues to get louder. My ears are now ringing and the wild flowers begin to fade.

My eyes slowly open and I extend my hand toward the sound. “Damn alarm.”

Too soon. Always too soon.

The morning has already begun for many others. I can hear the passing of cars from the street beyond.

I am NOT a morning person. I enjoy the sun as it sets, never as it rises.

When your up before the sun, it means there is work to be done. “Blah”

I’ve always worked so its nothing new…nor is it horrible. I enjoy the career I’ve chosen, I really do.

But today…today, for some reason, is NOT the day for work.

I feel today is a day to anything and everything but.

Today, we explore.

We wonder where we don’t normally.

We creep down halls undiscovered.

We linger in places everyone has forgotten.

Today, we EXPLORE.

Today, we relax.

We leave on our flannel pants and over-sized t-shirt.

We pull our hair back in a messy uncombed bun.

We binge watch SOA and insert ourselves right into the plot. “Of course I’ll fight the Irish with you Jax!”

Today, we RELAX.

Today, we meditate.

We stop worrying about what others need and discover our own wants.

We let the light stream through our body and push the darkness out.

We stop overthinking and start living.

Today, we MEDITATE.

Today, we do what we want.

We read the entire Harry Potter series over and uncover new details.

We lay in a hot bubble bath playing Candy Crush for hours on end.

We roam the house naked and free just because we can.


Today is not a day for work.




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