Why do we LOVE to hate?

The other day I was on Facebook scanning for interesting topics. I came across a video interviewing people from other countries stereotyping Americans. I thought “why the hell not?” So I watched the video and even though most of what these people were saying about Americans was false and kind of offensive, I just laughed at it and went on. As I scrolled to the bottom I noticed the comment count was outrageous. Over 500 comments were listed below. I wanted to see what exactly had so many people talking. The first one was supposedly an American soldier but as I read his thoughts throughout the conversation, that assumption became less and less appealing. There were others on there as well from America, England, Australia, and so forth and of course everyone had an opinion. Some lashed out at the people and the comments they had made on the video while others agreed with the statements. What I witnessed the most however was the constant bashing. “America made your country free!” “Americans are fat and lazy!” “This generation wants everything now and doesn’t want to work for it!” Some Americans turned on one another while others started stating facts about wars and allies and so forth. The entire time I am reading this, I can not help but steer my thoughts away from America vs the world but racism and how similar it is to our country (and others) overwhelming pride to take a side. We are so desperate to belong somewhere that no one thinks about the beginning.

America was not always America. We ALL came from somewhere else at one point or another. Not to mention, as a christian, we ALL were created by the same Creator. However, now that we have settled into a (semi) stable country, we latch on to that decision and use it as an excuse to lash out at others. Let me say this first, I love my country and could not be prouder to be an American but sometimes I am embarrassed by the decisions others make in this country. I cannot understand for the life of me why some people feel the need to constantly downgrade other people from other lands? Americas history is a great one. We fought hard for our freedom, we fought on behalf of other countries, we fought for rights, for land, for glory! And yet again, we find ourselves in the same situations that our past fathers have faced making no strive into a prosperous future. I do not blame our government alone, I blame us all. We all play a part in this. What really beats me is why we not only lash out externally but internally as well. One would think that such a patriotic country would stick together and build a stronger home front. Yet, here we are.

The Facebook comments made me not only think about the relationships with foreign countries but the internal relationship we have as Americans.


We created racism. We chose once again to pick a side and when push came to shove, color took the upper hand. How is that even possible? I never understood it. Some blame their heritage while others blame the geological place of their birth. I say both are excuses. I was born and still live in Oklahoma where we fight for our guns and discriminate everyone and everything and yet I could care less what color you are and where you came from. Growing up I thought racism was slowing but surely dying off but with age I saw for myself that with one event comes an uproar.
Has anyone else noticed stereotyping always leads to something bad? So why continue to do it? Sometimes we stereotype so much that people who didn’t know a difference at first begin to fall into that stereotype simply because we told them to.

If we even have a chance of survival in this world, the stereotype has to be eliminated. IF you must judge, do it on what that person does in his or her life not on the color of their skin or the country they come from. Give this generation a fighting chance and OH MY GOODNESS——Learn from the past!

If we keep making the same mistakes over and over again, we are surely doomed to repeat it!

Thanks for reading my rant for the day! Have a good one!


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