The Thrive Experience

Lets take this post personally, shall we?

I am tired ALL the time. My immune system according to my doctor is crap. My mood changes with the swift breeze of the wind. I am overweight (in accordance with my height). My back and feet are always aching. I feel like I am falling apart. Am I 26 or going on 100?  I am still me but… not. These types of things happen to all us whether we want to admit it or not. For the longest time I thought that no matter what I did, this was the way I was going to feel. BUT…this is not the case. I have found a way to live again, I have found a way to THRIVE!
Thrive is an all natural supplement that feeds vitamins into my body all day long. I hate taking pills and following routines but Le-Vel(Thrive Company) makes the routine fairly easy to follow and now a month later I wouldn’t start my morning any other way. I get up, take 2 vitamin rich pills, wait 20 minutes and drink my shake (My puppy and I drink ours on the back porch to enjoy the morning), then put on your new DFT patch for the day! THATS IT! You do not have to work out or take stuff throughout the day! Just drink lots of water which is what we are supposed to do anyway and your finished! Some people feel the difference immediately while others feel the results later on. My body, just like my mind, is a skeptic so we didn’t feel a difference for almost 14 days! I noticed small things at first, like I wasn’t falling asleep around 4 pm anymore. In fact, I was running around and playing with my kids! I also sleep better. I used to find myself up throughout the night with my anxiety but now I can sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. Thrive found a way to help my mind relax. Here though, is my biggest difference so far. I am not and have never been a morning person. I HATE MORNINGS! I never talked to anyone before my coffee or Redbull kick. I was cranky and rude and my family didn’t deserve that. Now, even though I love to sleep, I have no problem getting up in the mornings in a good mood and ready to take on the day. Finally, I have seen a change in inches around my waist. I’m done an inch around my waist without even trying and have lost 4 lbs. That may not be a ton but to not have to try and kill myself in the gym or punish myself by not eating what I love and still lose something is a strive I’ll take! If you want to know more, let me know on Facebook. Just search my name devanwilliams.39 and message me your questions! I do not promote things I do not believe in but Thrive has made a change in my life…why not let it make a change in yours! thrive


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