7 Sports Villains And Their Movie Counterparts

Oh Bryan Altman, how you make me giggle!

CBS Houston

Bryan Altman, CBS Local Sports

Sports and movies have a lot in common. The storylines for the two often stay somewhat similar throughout the years while the characters and athletes that play them out change. And of course in both, there have to be heroes and there have to be a villains.

We have certainly not lacked for sports villains over the last few years and obviously, the silver screen has had its fair share of notable villains as well.

When Lance Armstrong claimed he’s “Cycling’s Lord Voldemort,” referring to the villain from the Harry Potter franchise, it felt like an opportunity to match up some more sports villains with their movie counterparts. Here are some sports villains and the silver screen villains that they best match up with.

1. Bill Belichick – Darth Sidious (Star Wars)

This one is what we would call “low hanging fruit.”…

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