Critics Say What?!?

Tonight was the night. I went and saw Fifty Shades of Grey. Did I like it? Well I am still a female right? Stupid question to those who actually expected an answer. Of course I did. I own all three of the books. Is E.L James the most talented writer out there? Not a chance but she brought a fantasy to life that most women wouldn’t dare talk about. Nonetheless we ALL think about it. We all crave more and even if we don’t have the courage to pursue that kind of thing it is still nice to dream about the what if.

Back to the movie…I am such a stickler when it comes to movies following their well crafted books. This movie, in my opinion, did very well in that aspect. Screw the critics that did nothing but write terrible reviews for this movie. No one…I repeat NO ONE bought their movie ticket thinking “Well the critic online said…” literally no one cared what those people thought. I give credit to the directors and producers who went back in time and made a movie based on what the people actually wanted to see. Making movies shouldn’t just be about what award they want attached to their name. Example: “Birdman”. Stupid freaking movie. I just sat there and waited for something…anything entertaining to happen…and nothing. Wow it won awards…good deal. On to the next one.

Ranting aside, I thought the movie fast forwarded through a lot of the plot. Granted the movie was already 2 hours and 5 minutes long so I can see cutting out Jose and Ana’s tight relationship but I would have liked to see more of the build up with Ana and Christian.

Jamie Dornan is a beautiful guy but lets face it…he cannot act. It literally felt like he was reading from a script. (SAD PANDA moment) He did fit the character likeliness of what I thought Christian Grey should look like though so I will give that to them.

Dakota Johnson, on the other hand, was fabulous! She portrayed Ana perfect. She was able to show Ana as young and inexperienced but also sassy and clever. Well done casting director!

The sex scenes were not near as vile as everyone had made them out to be. Obviously those opinionated people have not read the books because those scenes were PG compared to the scenes in the series. However, I thought Dakota was placed in a more romantic light in those exotic scenes in comparison to what was actually supposed to play out.

Overall, I enjoyed seeing the movie. I thought it was well directed and cannot wait for the next one to pave over the critics reviews. I am team Fifty all the way. Goodnight to all and may your many fifty shades come to light for all to see.


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