The second book in the Divergent series is Insurgent and even though Divergent was an excellent read, Insurgent blew that book out of the water. This book will no  doubt go on my top 20 favorite books. The amount of action, romance, and descriptive writing that put you right in the middle of the scene made this book fantastic.

Jumping from the introduction of Divergent in which  a lot of background information played a role, Insurgent instead spends no time describing what HAD happened and dives right where Divergent left off…literally, maybe a few hours have went by.

Tris finds herself struggling with a deadly decision made in the first book and ultimately fights herself throughout because she cannot cope alone…that is until her visit to Candor headquarters. Tension both bends and mends between Tris and Tobias and many things are left unsaid to avoid any more conflict. This decision is also a poor one.

We see what life is like without the factions firmly in place. Abnegation, of all factions, pays the ultimate price in the beginning of what seems to be the next big war.

One of the many things I enjoyed about this book was getting to see (technically) the other factions…at least the ones that were not yet affected by the simulation attack. Tris among others are now fugitives struggling to find refuge from Jeannie & the control hungry Erudite. This push and pull causes such wreckage that no life is being spared. My advice, at this point, don’t get attached to any character. Your hopes and dreams could shatter at any moment!

Tobias’s family plays a huge role in this second installment.  With the appearance of someone once lost to him and his dad’s constant presence, Tobias must put aside personal vendettas and fight for what is right.

Tris spends what seems like forever contemplating her loyalties and fighting her inner self with selflessness. This  battle sends her inside Erudites headquarters and ultimately to her possible death.

With no more spoilers involved, this installment was a must read. The personal battles involved, the war taking place in their own compounds, and the love that struggles to survive makes Insurgent absolutely wonderful. Veronica Roth really brought the scenery to life through her writing and I couldn’t be more excited to see the new movie coming out in March.






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