Deaf Couple Finds Offensive Note With Their Luggage

Good Service is Hard to Find these Days

CBS Houston

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – Not even lost luggage could quell the post-vacation high of a Houston couple who happen to be deaf…but a handwritten note on a luggage delivery receipts shocked and angered them.

American Airlines misplaced their bags on their return from Hawaii, but no problem, the airline located the bags and delivered them to their home.

But a handwritten note on the delivery receipt shocked and angered Angela Huckaby and James Moehle.

In pen was written: “Text Only, Deaf And Dumb

“It was just outrageous and cruel and unnecessary,” Moehle’s mother, Kay Moehle told KTRK-TV. “Deaf and dumb. How much more insulting can you get?”

Using sign language Huckaby told the station this was the first time she’s been called such a name. Moehle  is a successful tradesman who was taking his first vacation in 16 years, he was offended, too.

“He’s deaf but he’s not dumb,” Kay Moehle…

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