Of a Broken heart……

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Died of a broken heart”. How tragically melancholic this loss, yet bitterly substantial and enduring. I recently lost an old friend and the whispers that floated in the air were of those echoing words. “Died of a broken heart….”

The learned, they have a name for this. It is called stress cardiomyopathy. Sounds very cold and clinical. Sounds like some doctor quoting Latin, attempting to negate the true meaning of this passing . I prefer “broken heart”. These two words that can tell a story of a genuine love between two people. A bond that can never be broken, a soul mate. One that will last for eternity and will manifest itself again in a different time and place.

There are some who scoff at this phenomena, calling it nonsense. “No one can die of a broken heart”. “It is nothing but romanticized rubbish. A figment of one’s fantasy”.

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