OKC Edges Out Win Against Rockets In Game Two

That is how we do it in OK!

CBS Houston

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Wednesday night’s basketball game between the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder almost played out like a soap opera, complete with drama and a cliff hanger.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook both scored 29 points, as the Oklahoma City Thunder obtained a 15-point lead in the fourth quarter and went on to beat the Houston Rockets 105-102; the Thunder also took the playoff series to a 2-0 series lead with Wednesday’s win.

Durant added a 3-pointer with 2:28 to play, and then missed a free throw with 1 second left.

James Harden scored 36 points and managed to decrease that deficit Houston had with the Rockets up 95-91. It was then a “thunderous show” as OKC answered Houston with seemingly calculated movements and tenacity, while protecting and honoring their home court advantage.

It seemed as if Houston ran out of steam against OKC. Chandler Parsons missed…

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