Life is Short

If our lives were measured in  inches it would be 59 small inches or 4 feet 11. Aka SHORT.

We watch these love story movies where couples fall in love and live long loving lives together, happily ever after, but where exactly is the truth in that?

I hope for the best, I pray against the worst, and I wait. I find myself always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I believe many others do the same thing. Why do we spend our lives waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Life is short and I am finished waiting around for the bad stuff to happen. I want to live.

I recently mourned my boyfriends, for lack of a better reference, sister, pass away at an undiscovered age of 21. She had barely began to live and yet life gave her only one choice…death. WIth something so tragic, shouldn’t there be a silver lining? Maybe her death will bring families together. Maybe her passing will let others forgive trespasses and heal relationships once bruised. I don’t know what exactly what will come from this occurence but I pray HER point will be heard.

With such a short life lived, I havent stopped thinking “Why do bad things happen?” I am aware this is such a broad topic but seriously, is this whole life really a test to decide heaven or hell or are the choices we make simply examples for the next generation to learn from?

I have decided to stop living for the past and jump into the future head first. I will make decisions not just from my head but also by my heart and I will not let minor things like what people think hold me back from reaching my goals. I am not changing who I am in any way but merely releasing my full potential for the world to see.

Without even knowing this child, Carly has influenced me to live life to the fullest. As cliché as it may sound. Maybe bad things happen to inspire others. Maybe…just maybe..Carly’s purpose was to inspire our generation to live.


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