Women’s Basketball, On the Rise or Declining Fast?

brittanygrinerSitting here at the NCAA Women’s basketball tournament in Oklahoma City I thought to myself why isn’t women’s basketball more popular? I have witnessed four press conferences today and have seen such talent and ambition from all four teams. Is the simple fact that these players are women the main reason attention goes astray?
OU, Baylor, Tennessee, and Louisville. Four talented teams, all with their own unique take on the game of basketball. The University of Oklahoma brings legacy and family values to the table. Baylor showcases power and size. Tennessee enables tradition and wisdom. Louisville entices with structured chaos and multiple options to use. There should be no doubt that these teams belong in the Sweet 16, but what will it take to steal the attention away from men’s basketball and onto the women’s?

Pat Summit, head coach emeritus, changed the world for women’s basketball as we know it, but as we know it has to continue to grow to continue to rise. My opinion, though amateur, would be to let the talent showcase itself. Look at Brittney Griner, Baylor’s star underneath, has talent unseen before. She is big, she is aggressive, and she can dunk! Talent like this demands attention and honestly she gets it. Whether that attention is positive or negative Brittney lets no one get in her way of what she wants..to win.

In order for women’s basketball to receive more recognition, fresh talent must be exposed on a higher level, must be encouraged to the extreme, and finally it must be respected.


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