A few weeks ago the Republican National Convention took place. It was, for a lack of a better description, interesting. Paul Ryan really gave the nation something to talk about by accusing Obama of several mistakes that were not even executed in his term, not fact checking his own speech, and intentionally trying to rally up Democrats for another dog fight. I’m concerned that these mistakes were not mistakes at all. Controversy has always been on the side of the Republicans but this seemed to hit more than a nerve but several for Obama supporters. Smart or disastrous?

Clint Eastwood, who formally rallied for Obama in the last election spoke at the RNC confusing many Americans with a brilliant speech to a chair insinuating that the non responsive chair was President Obama. Clever but disturbing at the same time. Rubio had a good speech in his back pocket and I believe it was a smart move to have him introduce Governor Romney.

Mitt Romney gave a well presented speech. He told America he wanted us to get to know him but spent more time talking about what others have done like Armstrong and even our Governor Fallin. Hmmm. Mitt tried to give off a sincere speech and at times I found comfort in his words but I still couldn’t shake his smug arrogance. He sent a strike out at Obama claiming he had no experience in business and that may be true, but he answered no questions on people who don’t own businesses, which consequently is most Americans. He left me with a lot of questions. Overall I give the RNC a B-. A constant hit and miss to the Democratic party.

The Democrat National Convention started off just as long and boring and at times even catty. However, once the speeches started rolling, I felt a sincere sense of relaxation. A comfort that felt honest. Now we all know that neither of the parties are completely honest but the Obama campaign has focused more on the issues and less on attacking the opposing side. That was until the brilliant former President Bill Clinton took stage.

First I must say how pleased I was with twin brothers Julian and Juaquin Castro. They gave inspiration speeches really countering the immigration controversy. BUT…my favorite speech of the night and I am sure many other Americans would say the same, was brought to us by the First Lady herself, Mrs. Michelle Obama.  Inspirational, honest, confident, and worthy of every persons attention. The First Lady spoke of Barack’s past and how he, much like most Americans, grew up modest and in a hard-working family. How he struggled to make it through school to give himself and his future family a fighting chance. It became personal when the topic of student loans came into play. I have a mountain of student loan debt and have found that the government could care less, however it was comforting to know even the President of the United States had that same mountain and much more debt too.

Bill Clinton spoke the next night. I found that I couldn’t take my eyes off him nor my ears. He gave an exceptional speech coutering every singel point the Republican party attacked. He was clever, funny, charming, and overall brilliant. It seems the Democrats brought in the big guns with Clinton. Fourty five minutes later and no one knew it. Even Fox News had little to say after the speech.

The final night of the DNC led the way for mothers, womens’ rights leaders, students, and our President himself. Jill Biden spoke of a man that stands beside Obama…literally. Vice President Joe Biden, a man who knows loss. Years ago, Biden lost his family in a tragic car crash. He was able to pick himself up and begin again. Jill, Biden’s wife, gave a memorial speech defining her husband in a more appealing light.

President Obama….enough said. He took his time on stage to appeal to the masses and hit every issue with facts and resolutions. I felt empowered for the first time in years. The American people must understand that change takes time. 3 years is in no way enough time to change the horrific economy, the minds of our state governments, and defiantly not the stubborn brains of the Republican party who seem to fight our president no matter what the issue is.

All I ask is research your party and research your candidate. Do not make the decision to join a party because of one issue or because your parents told you what to be. Decide for yourself…I have.


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