College Football…Full Speed Ahead!

The first week for college football was almost too perfect. I was happy as ever to see college friends and alumni out and about tailgating and gearing up for the games. I was stationed in Stillwater, Oklahoma patiently waiting the start of the 2012-2013 Cowboy season. I love seeing fans posted up all around Stillwater eating and drinking with not only OSU fans but Savanna fans as well. That is a Oklahoma tradition. It is a sweet southern hospitality that we,  the Oklahoma breed, have been instilled with since birth. Can’t beat it.
Big screen TV’s set up in many fan tents showing other games playing all around the nation. Plates being passed around with orange cookies, cakes, and burgers. The drink of the hour was the locally invented Orange power bombs.  Then environment is almost too perfect for words to describe. The smiles, the smells, the chants. Welcome to Cowboy nation.

Fans gather at Eskimo Joe’s to hear a sneak peek from the OSU band. “O-S-U Cowboys” roar from the upstairs balcony. That is a reminder that game time is nearing.
The Cowboys started kickoff with a boom and honestly they never settled down. Savanna had a few great plays, showing the nation that they had talent as well, but they were no match for the raining Big 12 Champs. No final score is necessary here. The nation is tattooed with the Cowboys ink and have no intentions of going away any time soon. Get ready fans…this was just a warm up. The OSU Cowboys are imprinting on everyone and we’ve only just begun.


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