Where Does Your Story Begin…?

Everyone has a story. A time in his or her life that has effected them in some way. A lot of these stories are why people are either successful in their lives or are complete failures. In a recent article I have discovered that many companies have seen the light to really reach people and sell their brand at the same time.

Fast Company recently shared an article on how storytelling in today’s world will change the future of marketing. Agree? Disagree?

Storytelling , in my experience, has been mostly successful. In job interviews, in papers, articles, and even in building relationships but how does this bond a viewer to a brand?

Example: Starbucks. They, for one, are everywhere; but they connect their consumers directly to their company. They do this online, in the store, and with PERSONAL stories of how they came to be. BRILLANT!

Companies putting themselves out there in a personal way help the consumer relate to them far better than those who choose to just advertise a product.

Overall, this is a great idea and I do believe the future will show us success.


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