An Upgrade for Facebook

On this beautiful Easter day, I found my self searching for a good read. In actuality I settled for this article about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It was interesting to see how this writer came to know Zuckerberg, it was even more interesting to hear his opinion on the man, but the reason I kept reading on was simply this: What’s next for Facebook?

No matter how many times you proclaim you are a rebel, we all know you have a Facebook, who doesn’t? So after years of writing on walls and messaging your best friend’s boyfriend, we all finding ourselves wanting more. Every year, because we are such a “want” generation, we await the next big thing. Facebook has been constant for a while now so what is Zuckerberg doing? This is where the article comes to play.

Slight changes have been taking place in the FB world under our radar. It has been made easier for us to wish friends Happy Birthday, the IM bar has become easier to use, posting to someone’s wall has even had a few changes. The real question is “have you noticed?” That is exactly the point according to Zuckerberg whose goal now is to make Facebook a simpler site to use while upgrading  it at the same time.

Who knew that a 20-year-old who has never had a real job would run such a successful and impressionable company? I will be honest I figured he would last a few years reaping the rewards of his success in a lavish kind of way but then drowned in the pressure from holders and even the constant demand of the public. Although Zuckerberg deals with these problems on a daily basis, he “sweats,” no pun intended,  his way through it and continues to move forward with his entire company backing him.

Hats off to Mark Zuckerberg for proving his doubters wrong.



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