A Leg Up on the Competition

What does every company expect out of their future employees? What does every company expect out of their current employees? Success.

 In an article about remarkable employees, I found that companies want an employee that doesn’t take no for an answer. They want someone who ignores the description in the job wanted ad because they still know they are right for the job. It is also good to know that every company, big or small, want an employee who loves their job, who has a can do attitude, and who reaches for the stars.

We all make mistakes, but the trick to life is learning from them. When I start a new job I love to break the ice. I love making a quiet environment and turning it into a more comfortable and fun area. BUT…the article mentions knowing when to dial back that eccentric attitude. Be honest, no one likes a constant loud mouth so know when to stop being funny and stat being serious.

Try to be the person everyone likes including the boss. Be a person everyone knows they can come to. On the other hand remember that no one likes the person who adds fuel to the fire. Keep your complaints private and try to keep the peace.

Alright reader, one important thing to always keep in mind is that no matter what anyone says, YOU can do anything you set your mind to.





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