Time for Something New!

When something doesn’t go your way try try again. Maybe that’s just me but apparently Jason Goldberg and designer Bradford Shellhammer believe the same thing.

After failing miserable at a new gay version of Facebook called “Fabulis.com” the guys decided to try try again. This time they went a different direction opening up to all kinds of users and with a twist.

Fab.com was born. A new revamped website that included indie designer housewares, accessories, clothing, and jewelry. Both creators admitted this new venture wasnt easy in fact it took many bottles of wine and several arguments to figure out what they were good at, what was popular, and what market could they tap into and blow up in the industry.

Whatever they did, they did it right. Fab.com is sitting on $50 million of venture funding and exploding in users.

We will have to see what is next for Fab.com and what is next for its creators.


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