Wanting Something More

I have had a lot of jobs; all of which I left with good reason and great references but with every job I took, there was always something missing. I have been a vet tech, customer service representative, Waitress, Bartender, etc and they have all taught me something along the way however after a few months and some years I found myself wanting more.

I read an interesting article called “How to Find Meaningful Work” and discovered that I am not the only one craving something more. All the way through college I was excited about my career and still am but my biggest fear is the economy placing me in a job I need not a job I want. In this article the author mentions a company that places young professionals directly with “disruptive, world-changing organizations“as they described it. This company (ReWork) accepts applications and works through kinks to place you in a job that fits you best, one that is meant for you if you will.

I think this company really has something on their hands. I feel like more and more people are losing interest in their job and have realized that these pointless and some meaningless jobs don’t have to be forever careers.

I hope that other companies start to see what ReWork has created and realize what an opportunity this could be.


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