Justice For All…Thanks to Social Media

Criminal acts are committed every minute of the day, but who is to call out the criminal if no one is around?

We expect America to be full of honest hardworking people, do we not? And I’d like to think that the majority of our nation is just that but let’s be frank shall we? If we are all so honest than why do we have so much crime  bleeding in our streets. That is exactly the case when it came to 17-year-old Trayon Martin and his untimely death.

 I recently read an article on Poynter.com about Trayon Martin and how his story became so popular in such a short amount of time. One simple answer…social media. Once Trayon’s story went viral, the world would expose George Zimmerman’s horrid secret.

Though I want to keep this blog concentrated on Martin for strategic purposes, I’d also like to explain what I learned from the online article.

February 26th, 2012, Trayon Martin was shot and killed due to a supposed altercation. Days went by and no investigation took place. Was this because Trayon was black and assumptions were made? Maybe..maybe not.

A week went by and Trayon’s father decided to go public defending his son and calling out Zimmerman. Now the real chaos starts around this time when a man named Kevin Cunningham gets wind of the story and unleashes his wrath online. The power of social media takes flight.

Petitions for Trayon’s justice, rallies, online discussions,and massive news coverage all starts piling on especially in the viral world. Even now 15 days later and every online news site has a cover article on the MURDER of Trayon Martin. Check this out—>Trayon FB

If social media carries this kind of power imagine what we could do if we only had the will.


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