Wall Stickers? Hmmm…

Wonder why your online business is struggling? It more than likely has to do with the structure of your website. You may personally love it but others (consumers) may not and that is the problem. You are not selling the products to yourself. I look at so many websites and the first thing I think is “What the hell are these people thinking??”  In response, I just read a great and helpful article on how to ramp your retail website. It has the do’s and do not’s, with extra comments, on how to fix your online problems.

In the article, How to Fix Your Retail Website, professionals break down Butch and Harold’s website on why they were not receiving views or making any money through the website. In the article they discovered that the site was geared way more to color usage than the actual product. Several websites make this mistake and honestly I do believe color has an effect on the viewer however within seconds I can tell you whether or not I am going to stay on the website or go a different direction. It is very important that in those few seconds I know what the product is and looks like.

Also important is to have a tagline. Once you establish a tagline, get it out there. I love hearing a tagline and instantly thinking of that business. For example, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” Its catchy and everyone knows what I am talking about!

Just remember one thing, as long as the site can keep attention, then you are set. If you find yourself still lonely on site views, change it. that’s the great thing about online, the next day there could be something different!



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