Tweet Tweet Tweet

Who is more important to follow on Twitter? Chris Brown or Barak Obama? My answer is obviously the right one in choosing the president of the United States but our society would beg to differ. Chris Brown, to our younger crowds, is a more entertaining choice. This country feeds on entertainment, feeds on gossip, and feeds on the lives of celebrities.

The latest article I chose to read on Ad Age Digital portrays an image of a gossip hungry country seeking far more into the life of Kim Kardashian than the new inventions in medicine. I absolutely see this as a problem but at the same time I see it as a challenge. A challenge for friend lacking companis to step up their Twitter and Facebook accounts and if needed add a little gossip here and there.

People need to first understand that Twitter and Facebook were not invented primarily for business usage. It is called a social network for a reason. BUT that doesn’t mean opportunity does not lie dead ahead. Spice things up and see what happens.


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