Someones Always Watching

In a constantly changing world, we all must adapt and mix things up to survive. Why should our jobs be any different?

With the economy the way it is people are spending less on things they do not need and in return there is no change in the economy, however, credit card debt is increasing and could potentially be a good thing overall. But how do advertisers know exactly what people want to spend their hard-earned money on?

Obviously a pregnant woman will spend her money on a crib or diapers, but when it comes to teenagers, young adults, even the elderly, style selection seems to be forever changing. So what to do? When I worked at a retail store in high school our manager had us doing inventories daily just to see what people were really buying and what was slowly gaining dust. Years later(and I won’t tell you how many) advertisers realized that there are many other ways to see exactly consumers are buying and what they are not.

Have you ever seen the Minority Report with Tom Cruz? In the film, Tom walks into the Gap with his new pair of eyes and as he enters the store a scanner beams his eyes and instantly welcomes Mr. whomever and asked if he like his skinny jeans? This is our future. As creepy as it sounds and believe me I am not a fan, its brilliant. Advertisers already do this on the web with tracking your shopping habits but not everyone shops online.

The only way to stay with the times is to keep experimenting. We are already on the fast track to eliminating privacy but honestly who cares? We post everything we do on YouTube and Facebook already. We might as well help out the economy in the process of exposing ourselves.


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