SB Nation taking over the Nation

Let me begin this blog by saying  I LOVE SB NATION!

So taking things back down a notch or two, I have to say I am not only impressed but hooked to on watching the SB Nation. The article was about SB Nation launching a new show just as the internet went down in their building. A certain humor crept into the chaos as one employee commented.

“I swear Time Warner [Cable] is messing with us, they don’t want us to go over the top.”

If you have no idea who I am talking about I urge you to check out their YouTube Channel. It’s a sports fans dream. Check this out—>Peyton Manning

The SB Nation covers all College and Pro Sports and covers them well. I watch a well-edited video over professional arm wrestling so if the basic sports are not your thing, I can promise you SB knows no boundaries.

After reading the article and watching several aired videos, I can honestly say I have a new favorite site. You can also keep up with them on Twitter @Sbnation. You may even be interested to know several past employees of ESPN have signed on with the crew. The experience, the writing, and even the new ly added video production exceeds expectations.

You have to check it out!



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