Dorsey Won’t Leave


Jack Dorsey, Twitter idealist and Square inventor, just won’t leave without a fight. This is a surprise seeing that the latest article I reviewed mentioned Dorsey as being a quiet and shy man. In the kind of biography of Jack Dorsey, I examined just how Twitter came to be and the co-workers that helped the invention and those who stood in the way.

After of course another brilliant man dropped out of college, Dorsey jumped on a sinking ship called Odeo. However, with his quick thinking and supportive staff, Twitter was founded. Sounds easy huh? Not so much. Twitter was still owned by a company that had drifting investors and unhappy employees. That is why Dorsey’s boss, Evan Williams let Dorsey take his vision into his own hands. Obviously a good step on his part.

I remembered Twitter being released and I also remember not caring. The article mentions Twitter being released to the world in July of 2006 but didn’t take control until the next March. I think celebrities had a huge part in that.

Later on, after Twitter took the world by storm, Dorsey wasn’t done. As written in previous blogs, Square is becoming more and more popular. Jack Dorsey is a creative mind that has so much more to offer the world.


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