Ways to Connect Offline

Why do we advertise? To get a positive result. Companies advertise to increase sales which ultimately increases revenue. In the article “Tying offline Advertising to Online Results,” the author exclaims how proximity, deduction, and micro-tracking effect companies during advertising and how they incorporate different tools to improve their methods.

Companies such as Jenny Craig use this tool to tie the different forms of advertising together. By connecting your television advertising with their 1-800 cal line, the company was able to establish a database of information that will ultimately help them determine where the most advertising is working. This could, in the end, save Jenny Craig time and money as well as boost their sales.

This article was a lot to take in. I feel like the information was useful overall but still a hard read. Toward the end, GoDaddy was mentioned and that was the icing on the cake for me.

The story goes something like this, GoDaddy demanded results and surely received them. Gotham Direct was responsible for launching GoDaddy during the Super Bowl spots. What was really wanted was a direct connection and positive jump in sign ups for Godaddy. Immediately after showing the commercials, GoDaddy had results. This is an example of proximity I believe.

This article was a little too much for me. I feel like there are simpler ways to receive an offline result than what this article claimed. This just proves some things are easier said than done.


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