Im in the middle of tweeting….

Twitter has been a explosive idea since day 1. I have a Twitter account @devanfwilliams and you know you do too. Hell, who doesn’t ? Twitter lets us keep up with our favorite athlete, actress, and of course president. It is the fastest source of information and I have witnessed it in action. The question is how does Twitter make any money from a free social media stand point?

April 2011, Twitter pulled a Facebook (only up front) and brought in the advertisers. Honestly I saw nor now see a problem with it. Unlike Facebook, Twitter told users about the action well before and tried their best to make it a positive one. I have had no trouble with advertisers from this and believe it was a good decision made on behalf on the company.

The other day I wanted to see what was going on at Starbucks and when I got on Twitter I recieved a notice that my coffee blend was on sale! Luck of the Irish, only if I was Irish. Whatever. The point is Twitter has turned what Facebook did wrong into a potential revenue increase and customer attraction.

My hats off to you Twitter!


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