Healthier APPS!

More and more specialists and researchers are claiming cell phones and computers could be the cause of cancer, stress, shrinking brain activity, blah blah blah. Whether this is true or not I’m not putting my cell phone down and the computer stays. So instead of seeing the negative side of technology, lets see what technology is doing for us?

New apps are created everyday. Some are game style apps while others allow us to listen to music, read books, or learn to fly. Whatever the case may be, someone is out there thinking about what apps could do for the people. For example one app I have on my Itouch is called BodyFitness. If ever I am at the gym clueless at what ab workout I should work at, I pull up the app and it gives me detailed exercises for someone my size should do. It also has videos to make sure I am doing the motions correctly. I am sure you are confused to why I brought this up in the first place. While listening to the show “High-Tech Health,” I realized that my one app is not the only healthy living app out there.

One way to track yourself is to tweet about your diet and workout on Twitter. I don’t like this method seeing that most females do not want their personal business broadcasted but this young man did it and it encouraged him to be better. He kept his calorie intake and workouts recorded and tweeted daily on them.

By using social media and different apps out there, we are taking advantage of our technology and using it to better ourselves instead of just using it for booty calls and creeping.

Listening to these broadcasts made me search a little harder for apps that will maximize my potential and encourage me to use technology to the fullest.



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