Getting Results

How do you get instant results from an online blog?

Having my blog has shown me that getting followers is not as easy as I had once thought. I am following Debra Worthington on her journey to eat healthier and win a little money along the way in the Genghis Grill competition. To win, Debra must get the most votes on her blogs, lose the most weight, and post the most blogs during the 2 month contest period. I have been thinking…what could Debra do to get the word out there more to help her case? What would I do if I were in her position?

The first thing I would do is get all of my friends and family involved. From Alaska to Oklahoma, they would all be voting(whether they want to or not), furthermore, I realize that an online effect is what we are needing at this time however I am stretching for not only an online effect but an offline effect as well.

To reach that offline effect one thing I would do is create a spotlight for myself. By gaining positive attention in the community I am creating buzz which could consequently help with my ratings online. For example go to different schools in the area and get kids outside and involved in physical activity to show them how important being healthy is. Having the community back your campaign will lead them online but still have that offline effect as well.

Another possible thing to do is visit hospitals and tell your story. Let people know what you are doing to become healthier before you get worse and then write about your experience. Include quotes and let people know that the whole interview will be online for them to view as well. Computers are no longer necessary to view online articles, etc., cell phones access just as much information so encourage all informants that there is always a way for them to view and vote on your blog.

Keep trying to get attention to your blog, whether it be posting on your Facebook or going door to door, repetition does work.


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