Forget Me Not…

Are you one of those people who can’t remember what they did 2 days ago? If so I have just the thing for you! Evernote.

Interested yet? If not you will be. Evernote is software that remembers everything for you. No more forgeting your phone number, no more missing dentist appointments because your too busy to recall it but if fact pull the program up and there is your schedule, contact list, and appointment calendar for the next year. What exactly is this software and where did it come from? I knew you were going to ask that!

Evernote, developed by Phil Libin, amoung others, was designed to be your personal memory. Exhausted and bored from designing 2 other software programs, Libin decided it was time to create something that people would get excited about.

Jackie Pope on Evernote FB page  “I love this! I know if I lose the laptop or the hard drive… its still somewhere out there in the universe. I must use it more… make it a habit. I would love an appointment book/diary thing on Evernote – that would be perfect.”
Im guessing I have your full attention now. Evernote can take pictures, save notes, store your thoughts, dreams, wants, and needs. Then when the time comes to need them, Evernote is right there to retrieve them.  Not only is this app user friendly but Libin has made it easy to take all your memoires and leave at any time. Unlike most services that won’t let you go for months at a time.
This software is free to a certain point and is sweeping the world. Launched in 2008, Evernote presently has over 15 million users and that number is only growing by the day. Better jump on this bandwagon quick!

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