A New Revolution

Whether you believe it or not, social media is expanding and taking the world by surprise. According to The New Yorker, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are innovations that could help start world-wide revolutions OR they could just be the most pointless invention yet, we’ll let you decide.

The article I reviewed, “Small Change” by Malcolm Gladwell, begins by telling the historic events of how four African-American college students helped start the Civil Rights Revolution. The point being made here is that in the 1960’s, Twitter did not exist and yet this event changed our country forever. However, we cannot sit here and say technology such as social media, has had no historic mark on us. Social media gets most information to larger groups of people, farther away, at a faster speed than word of mouth. Social media lets us upload pictures and video feed of the war in Iraq and allows us to teach students all over the world what I am doing here in Oklahoma.

I believe having social media sites is not a necessity to our existence, if that is what people like Anne Applebaum from the Washington Post is suggesting, however, it has helped our small business’ grow which has helped our economy grow and it has allowed us to connect faster and more efficiently with others around the world. Just because the people of Iran among other countries do not have Twitter streaming through their country now doesn’t mean that they won’t ever. So let’s keep our heads up and hope for new technology steady otherwise we will end up like NASA; shut down and pointless.


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