Using Social Media the Right Way

So your company is struggling to get people in the door. What do you do? Buy billboards? No, too expensive and a waste of time. Advertise in the newspaper? Not a chance, no one under the age of 50 is reading a newspaper daily. So what is next? Social Media. BUT there is a catch my friends. Creating a Facebook or Twitter account that is used once a month is a bigger waste of time than crowd surfing at a Justin Bieber concert. Social Media takes time. That’s where my next article review comes in.

Social Media is a Waste of Time” Sound familiar? Malcolm Faulds, author of this wise read, runs a quick breakdown on the do’s and do not’s of running a social media site. The first step requires you, the company, to pick a channel that is right for you and your consumers. If you run an antique shop, Facebook may not be your best bet, but if you have a new clothing line, jump on board. Every site gears to a certain crowd and no matter how much Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be for everyone, grandma needs to stick to soap operas.

The next step enables you to speak out to your consumers. Generate posts that invite the reader in. You want your consumers to talk back and get them going. I always say, a chaotic conversation is better than no conversation. So if you have to start buzz, do so but you have to get people interested. Remember your social media site is not for you, it is for your consumers and future consumers.

Marching on, I work at a place that won’t admit it but we bribe the hell out of our customers. “We see you have not been in awhile, I guess we are going to have to give you 2 weeks half off.” Why not? The customer gets excited and wants to come back. Give code words on your site that will give them 25% off the next visit or weekly specials for signing up for the email. I am telling you, people love special attention.

Another tip, which kind of builds on our conversation hype, is to spice things up every once in a while. The same site with the same things gets old. Try YouTube videos of whats going on in the store or stories of the week that entice the reader. Just keep in mind, readers have a short attention span and need to stay intrigued.

There is a social media site for every type of buisness out there, you just have to search around and see what site fits you best. Remember, build it around your customers not yourself and keep it updated. Success is surey in your future.


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