Here One Second, Gone the Next

Looks like they are closing to me <<<<<——Check me out first

This article slaps me in the face every time I read it. BLOCKBUSTER. Everyone knows who they are but no one knows where they went. In fact, in Oklahoma there are only two stores left open. Optimistically, CEO Jim Keyes says Blockbuster is doing fine and has just fallen behind the times a little. A little? That place hit rock bottom faster than the Titanic. My favorite part of this article is a part that is not even in it. One store not even mentioned to the CEO of Blockbuster is Family Video. Family Video is a newer video store out of Illinois that has taken over the East coast and has slowly but surely made its way to Central America.

Unlike Blockbuster, Family Video doesn’t have membership fees, doesn’t require several forms of I.D., doesn’t require a credit card on file and the best part, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to rent a movie. Family Video has hot Blockbuster hard and so has Netflix, however, Blockbuster did this to themselves, not competing companies. When people have to save up all week to rent a video on the weekend, something is seriously wrong. I remember in Stillwater deciding whether I wanted to buy certain groceries or rent a movie at Blockbuster. That is ridiculous. What do you expect to happen Blockbuster?

Jim Keyes denies Bankruptcy, denies problems, and denies the competition. Somebody needs a 12-step program real fast. This company is going down regardless of the copy cat Redbox machines and on demand programs. Nice try big guys but you cannot stop sinking ship (again Titanic).


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