Finding Truth in Strangers

Our generation loves Facebook and loves Twitter but that doesn’t mean we trust the people on these social media sites. I don’t. We use Facebook, Twitter, etc to be involved with others. We like rumors, incriminating photos, and constant status updates of our previous boyfriends BUT as cliché as our generation is that does not mean we trust what our cousins sisters best friend said about traveling to Mexico. That is why Erin Nelson of Forbes Magazine wrote that Facebook and Twitter may not be the best place to get a company’s product out.

Recent studies by Bazaarvoice and Kelton Research have shown that more people, especially this generations young adults, trust our family and friends less on purchases and more on the thoughts and opinions of a compete stranger. This could be accredited to their experience over our family and friends but whatever the case, it is working. Nelson suggests companies in the future find a way to enable personal experiences into their campaigns. Some businesses are using codes scanned by foe example the Iphone in which suggestions pop up or reviews of the product pop up to help out the customer. I find this clever. The smartphone is more accessible these days and having real reviews right in front of me before I buy would be great.

So maybe Facebook isn’t enough. Today’s society wants more and the only way to give it to them is to step up the game. A stranger’s voice is the new thing America so start meeting people.


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