Customer Experience


It takes a lot of effort to create something new. It takes even more effort to create something satisfying to the world. Steve Jobs for example knew that. He understood that the customer experience was way more important than anything else with a product. In the article I reviewed, Customer Experience, I found that even in the creative process of making something, the number one thing to remember is not what the company wants or what is the most inexpensive way to do something, but what the CONSUMER wants and how they will react to your product. In any case, the business wants to be successful but what most do not know is there is a good chance they will fail. Why? Because they did not understand their consumers.

Steve Jobs was obviously a brilliant man founding Apple and its glories, but he also gathered that the best way to truly get what a consumer wants was to “start with the customer experience and work backwards.” I loved that. Watch this video and really see what I mean. —->Steve Jobs


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