Rolling With the Times

Great companies innovate by being creative, by taking initiative, and by rolling with the times. By this I mean if companies want to be or continue to be the big man on top, they must first come out with the next best thing. Americans don’t want whats already on the market, they want whats going to be on the market.

In the article about how great companies innovate, Jeffrey Phillips says he can “debunk” the myths on why great companies are great companies and how they innovate. The article was common sense to me. “For example, everyone recognizes Steve Jobs’s influence on Apple and the company’s decade-long dominance in consumer electronics and innovation. Jobs’s however isn’t the only visionary leader in the computing space, which was created by number of innovative trend-setters.” You don’t say??? I for one certainly thought Jobs’s was the company. NOT.

The article makes valid points; touching on certain companies faults which in the long run are evidence of what not to do in the here and now. On the other hand, it makes arguments to why businesses like Dell and 3M are not receiving the attention they rightfully deserve. On that note, I can agree.

Lets take Dell for instance, in 2012 I have a Dell,  not an Apple MAC. However, most students I know carry a MAC. This may certainly be because Apple provides technologies Dell does not or it could be because most students follow a trend and Apple my friends is a trend. I will give it to them though, this trend is not going anyway anytime soon but still once a company hits that next big idea, Apple won’t know what hit them. Dell has stepped up the game in recent months. The changing tops for laptops has been a hit, also Dell has recently been aiming at gamers with new technologies targeted just for them. That’s a huge market now.



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