Secrets Aren’t Secrets Once They Go Viral

Great and interesting article, Three Secrets to Make a Message Go Viral, first caught my attention by bringing up a cruel rumor. I am sure you remember the rumor that if you see a car with the headlights off, keep driving and do not flash them because they are gang members looking for someone to kill. I do. I still to this day, knowing it is untrue, do not flash my lights at anyone. But the point of this ridiculous story is to prove a point. Once this rumor was leaked, the message spread like wild-fire. This is because our generation loves gossip. We love anything that involves emotion and danger. Dan and Chip Health cover all of this in the informative article and even taught me a few tricks to get noticed.

 First the message needs to be entertaining; filled with emotion. This could be a trip you just took to the beach. But what did you see at the beach? Who did you meet? Was MTV there? The message itself has to keep the listener engaged.

Secondly, I found out that a “trigger” needs to be involved in getting a message viral. A trigger comes after the original message has escaped the listeners mind and they have potentially moved on. The trigger could be (pertaining to my previous example) a 100 degree weather day wherever you are and suddenly you remember and remind that if you were at the beach you and your friends could just jump in the ocean to cool off. Something has to re-engage and remind the listener of the previous message.

Finally, get others involved. Have the reader tell another person about the beach and how great it would be to visit again soon. Gain attention to the subject and soon enough you’ll be back at the beach working on that tan.


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