Post-Crisis Consumer

Our country went into minor meltdown after our economy started to crash. People were losing their homes, prices on everything went up, and so many Americans lost their jobs its became normal for people to be collecting unemployment. All I have been able to see is the negative to this recession. I mean are there any positives to such a tragic occurrence?

John Gerzema says there is in fact opportunity in a crisis. I loved watching this video through TED. Gerzema showed me that yes this economy ultimately sucks when you look at the numbers but finally after the demand made by the people to change our ways, we can control our own destiny. Let me explain.

“The consumer can move us from mindless consumption to mindful consumption.” Gerzema said this in the clip and I strongly believe it. Instead of taking beach vacations costing thousands, he suggests nature trips to vineyards costing hundreds. Instead of paying loads of cash for cable, people can now use Hulu to see their favorite shows for a quarter of the price. Incredible the simplicity of these ideas and yet the shock factor on how much society can save is remarkable.

Companies are jumping in head first to be more apart of their consumer base by adjusting prices. For example the San Fransisco Giants adjust prices according to the weather. If last year it rained all day long of the scheduled game, they would lower the price per ticket because sales were obviously lower than usual. It helps the consumer still enjoy life while staying within a budget.

Also mentioned in Gerzema’s video, consumers demanding large companies come down to our level and connect with us directly. No more tech support taking our calls, putting us on hold, and eventually informing us that they cannot help. Today we have companies using Twitter to answer questions. Microsoft is training unemployed people to help out Americans get better jobs. Several businesses are quickly realizing that if people don’t have jobs then they don’t have money to spend. It is time more than ever for everyone to pitch in.

America has been forced to come together and work as one to solve this chaotic problem. I recommend to all my readers to view this video and see what you can do as well to help this problem die once and for all.


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