Ford Sends In the Big Guns

I have never been a Ford kind of person. Everyone has a preference, whether it be Ford, Dodge, or Chevy, we all have our pick but what really taints our opinion in the first place?

Media. Now a days, social media. Ford hired a creative genius to flip their bad rap into the girl next door who everyone trusts. Conclusion? Success.

 Scott Monty is the global digital communications chief for the Ford Motor Company, according to Fast Company, he is a real force to be reckoned with. At his new job, Monty has combined every source of advertising and put it into one project.

 Monty, along with the Ford Motor Company recently started the Influence Project in which Ford rented out vehicles to customers for a certain amount of time and have them record the good, the bad, and even the ugly. They claim they did no editing when it came to censorship except for the nude scene they received from one person. They wanted the public to see what real people had to say about their cars. I must say I enjoyed the commercials. It was nice to see actual people give opinions on the cars.

Check this out—>What do you think of your new car?

The commercials of real people are split into 15 second clips and can be found not only on television but YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and so forth. In fact, Ford tells Fast Company they are trying their best to connect with customers on all levels including answering questions on Twitter. I loved the quick comment made by Monty over Twitter about the bailout situation. Nice way to defend the company while staying on topic.

Overall I believe what Ford has done so far with social networking is great. They are definitely on their way to reach more people. I am still a Chevy girl at heart but Ford now has my attention.


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