Another Award for W&K

Advertising Age apparently thinks Weiden & Kennedy deserve more than just the Agency of the Year but in fact CREATIVE Agency of the Year. As we discussed in the previous blog, Weiden & Kennedy are stepping outside their box and expanding the horizon into the 21st century.

The digital age as we know it has put several hardships on a lot of different firms including but not limited to public relations firms and advertising agencies. This is because most well-known firms have been around so long that our new advanced technology is foreign to them. Finally, after years of fighting it, Weiden & Kennedy decided it was time to catch up with the times and set a new goal or two.

Weiden & Kennedy set a goal to better themselves, a goal to build a more advanced advertising firm, and to not only catch up with the times but pass everyone else on the way. Crazy thing was, they did just that and more. One quote I liked in the article was by Mr. Weiden who said he had to give up his  typewriter and change the way the company was thinking. Maybe the stubborn man on top is able to adapt.

Mr. Weiden figured out that the best way to expand the company was to expand his employee base as well. Not rocket science but at least he was finally getting it. According to the Advertising Age article, Weiden & Kennedy depended on 2 people to make the magic happen; the art director and the writer. I can not believe 2 people held some much authority in such a successful firm. So to start things off, Weiden hired teams of new people with creative new ideas to start the revolution. These teams automatically went to work popping out fresh ideas.

After successfully hiring talent to the agency, the teams went to work on projects for NIKE, Target, Chrysler, and several more making the recent awards received well deserved. Hats off to Weiden & Kennedy. I am looking forward to see what is next in store for the company.


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