My Attention Belongs to You!


 What did you think? This was a video by Wexley School for Girls. No they are not really a school for girls so do not send your application in just yet. In fact, they are advertising firm, if they will let you call them that. I describe these meatballs as creative geniuses. 

Starting off as nobodies, Brian Marr and Ian Cohen founded the Wexley School for Girls to showcase their potential in the advertising world. If you have not noticed already from the video above, these guys are random, smart, and fearless.  After word of mouth stopped working for the company, the boys came up with the idea of going viral. First with a website that targeted specific clients to grab their attention. Marr and Cohen, among others, would post videos and wacky songs intended just for that client. Seems tacky to me but the original idea paid off because people hire them.

Companies such as AMP, Copper Mountain Ski Resort, and Microsoft have joined the list of clients in the Wexley School of Girls. These are well-known companies who pay millions to advertise. Obviously something wasn’t working because Wexley was called in for the job. In the article, The Wexley Way, stories and stories are captured in which Wexley has concocted out of the box ideas to grab ANYONE’S attention and steer it in the direction of the client.

In today’s tech savvy world, billboards and commercials (which most are TiVo passed) are costing too much money and have little if any success. Wexley has swept us all into a new way of thinking, inventing, and advertising above all. YouTube, for example, is constantly being viewed; many of times the highest viewed video is something stupid yet funny, amusing yet cheap, and dirty yet intriguing. Why not follow the trend? I wish I would have thought of it. I took a moment to visit Wexley’s YouTube page. Of course there are an abundance of wacky videos including Winner Take Steve. I also checked out their Facebook and Website. I was not disappointed. Video after video, song after song, these boys are going nowhere anytime soon. I mean that in one heck of a good way. I suggest readers visit the Wexley site as well. See for yourself how crazy they really are. And if like them, hire them. I am sure you will disapprove.


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