Expanding the Horizon

Wieden & Kennedy, Advertising Age’s Agency of the Year, has over the past few years expanded their horizon. Wieden & Kennedy are well-known for their client Nike and have recently opened the doors for other huge companies to come trotting right in.

From what I have read, Wieden & Kennedy represent a proud and bold structure. To many people this could be taken the wrong way but I like it when a company stands by its name. After finally deciding to reach beyond the Nike walls, (like they needed to) Target came into the picture. What I love about this article is the truth behind Target. We all were thinking it when Rupal Parekh, author of the Advertising Age article, mentioned Target being a “cheap chic ” store. Until recently I thought Target was an over-priced Kmart. That was again until recently when new commercials started coming out. I will admit it. They got me into the store to check it out. I guess Wieden & Kennedy are doing something right.

On the other hand, I believe Chrysler has been the pick of the past year for Wieden & Kennedy. I have seen several great ideas come from Chrysler lately. Their new theme has brought interest back into the company and therefore business. Buying a car in this economy is almost mad but Chrysler is managing to sell and then some with its new stylish frames and advertising that just blows other dealers away.

Lets not forget about the Old Spice ad. Clever. Very Clever. It was about time I saw Weiden & Kennedy go with a more futuristic theme. I remember friends showing me the ad online and wanting to be apart of the chaos. I was not as excited about the idea. Obviously it appealed to others, the response was pure madness, however the idea of the Old Spice guy sending out a marriage proposal in a commercial just didn’t seal the deal for better or worse for me. I’ll let you decide on that one. Marriage Proposal!

Nevertheless, the ads created hype all over the world and had Old Spice body wash sales up 50%. I am willing to budge if you are.

 Through everything, Weiden & Kennedy just wanted to expand their reach and dine with a new crowd of people. Instead they gave life back to several starving companies and launched themselves world-wide. They wanted everyone to view them from a different angle, well I do believe that was well achieved. On to the next one.


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