Advertising Boot Camp

Advertising these days is cut throat. We are no longer competing with firms in the same city but now we are at war with competitors all over the world. In the recent article I read at Fast, apparently we getting owned by the Swedes. So to step up our game, advertising firms are starting therapy…kinda.

Creative teams are utilizing to come up with the next big thing, to one up the competitors, as well as update their systems of training and the updating of their elder employees. I feel almost wrong saying it but the way things used to work in the ad world just won’t cut it in todays fast pace society. The article was a tough read. It seemed to throw the reader into a boot camp in which digital technology was the threat.

The world is changing and we are changing with it. The things we crave are completely different from what our parents wanted. Businesses are in the same predicament. Update. Update. Change your mind. In a past blog I wrote that some companies are no longer accepting resumes but instead are checking Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This is evidence that the industry is changing because of technology. The entertainment industry is almost completely online now. I knew Kim Kardashian was getting a divorce before I knew who was running in the republican party. It is sad but true and most Americans will agree.

All we can do is stay in front of the curve and keep growing. I worry not when it comes to change. If animals can adapt to the constantly changing world, we can surely adapt to the advancements of our time.


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