A New Kind of Resume

I don’t know about your resume, but frankly mine could stand some attention. Feeling the same way? I have some good news for you my fellow worrier; according to the Wall Street Journal some companies are no longer relying on resumes to pick an applicant. In fact, more and more companies are searching LinkedIn, Twitter, and blog sites to get a closer feel of their possible employee. So update your Tumblr and clean up that Facebook because social media is your new resume.

In the “No More Resumes” article employers are saying resumes don’t provide the depth of a person. Somehow I don’t fully grasp how Facebook or Tumblr does either but at least we are stepping up our game in the business world. I like IGN’s hiring process in which they ask applicants to provide a video of themself. What a great way to really see a person then by actually seeing a person.

I think this idea will definitely progress and weed out the dead weight along the way. My only hope for you readers? That your video won’t have to go up against mine. Good Luck!


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