Brand Away

Anyone out there brandless? I mean personally of course. I’m 22 years old and I can’t seem to figure out how to sell my product let alone myself.

I recently read an article on How to Build Your Personal Brand and discovered I need a makeover. April Joyner, author of the article, writes like she is sitting right in right of you and tells the reader step by step how to successfully brand yourself. In the beginning there is social media.; Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, but then she goes deeper for greater exposure.

In one simple question, Joyner asks what can I offer that no one else can?  A perfect place to start. Well whats the answer? Examples provided included a woman selling a product but instead of just being a woman selling a product, she becomes a woman, surviving breast cancer and raising 3 kids, selling a product. Now that changes the whole situation.

So now can I be as big as Google? Not quite.  Google has a website that is more than up to par. Your website is a big part of your brand. It needs to be up to date, have a constant flow of information coming in, and make it personal. Readers want to get to know you so put a bio on the website and its appearance should shadow yourself, in a professional way of course.

The article loses me right around this time. Joyner writes that keeping a physical record of past and present writings is a must just in case someone approaches with a book deal. I am a bit more of a realistic. I’m not putting all my eggs in that basket just yet but I guess its smart to be prepared.

Also remember that networking is key is this professional so making appearances is always a must. I have went to Dallas a few times for sports conferences just to get my name out there. Attend career fairs, conferences relating to you and your product, and keep in touch with anyone you may have met there. You never know, you might be handing your card to the head of a company.


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