TED at his finest

TED or Technology, Entertainment, and Design is a non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spending conferences. These conferences provide Americans with different speakers telling their story or take on certain situations. I must say after I read an article in the New York Times concerning TED, my interest grew. The article covers the expensive TED conferences now going viral with free sessions. My first thought? TED is going to lose a lot of money, however the idea turned out to be brilliant. By exposing the site with free sessions, more people are able to access TED. More people are able to view specific speakers. More people are able to gain interest and eventually spend more money.

 I visited the TED website to check a free sessions out myself. My favorite so far is with Ariel Garten and her “Know Thyself” talk. She suggests that people can learn more about themself by imagining our mind as a video game that we control. Interesting. I might pay to see that. Then again I might not in this economy.

I consider the idea as a smart business move. TED has opened a door that will lead to substantial growth over the next few years. The only question  I have now is what next?


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