Taking over the World

TED, the invitation only event, now spreads knowledge all over the world. TEDsters, as they are now referred to, continue to add members to the once exclusive club. How do you not get into the constant spread of free lore? The abundance of free flow information that ranges from brain wave activity to swimming with jellyfish is almost too much to ignore.

The recent article I picked through explains it all. Fast Company delivers the success of TED’s viral sweep by saying TED has fostered “great ideas and human connections…” By combining the two TED has been able to spread the word of the A-list speakers as well as build a network of followers along the way.

The endless amount of information provided through the free videos has created buzz among everyone. It almost seems like TED is responsible for making the desire to learn irresistible in the 21st century.

What makes TED even more popular is who is speaking in this videos. Bill Clinton, Jane Fonda, Daniel Goldstein, and the list goes on and on. TED is an addiction sweeping the world with one goal in mind… information overload.


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