It’s All About the Cowboys Nation

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From 10 a.m. Saturday morning till 2 a.m. Sunday, Stillwater came together to celebrate OSU’s Homecoming. Friday was the walk-around. My roommate and I went out around 7 that night to see the floats, eat turkey legs and caramel apples, and of course commemorate our school pride with others.

After a long night standing in line on the strip, I woke up to a cloudy Saturday morning. I was thankful though that the weather was not as bad as we had predicted. I had to drive around for half an hour to find a parking spot but I was finally successful in my quest. It was 10 a.m. when I made it to Elm St.  The street was already filled with people corner to corner. Alumni, students, residents, and general fans decked out in orange jerseys, orange hoodies, orange anything for that matter. Nebraska fans made themselves right at home joining OSU alumni at their tailgates and walking the streets taking in the scenery.

Eskimo Joe’s was, from the moment they opened their doors, packed wall to wall with people ordering Cheese Fries, Elm St. Fowl Things, and Orange Power Bombs.  No Justice, a well-known band around the country, performed before the game despite the rains attempt to ruin the show. Fans surrounded the stage to enjoy the live music.

I tailgated all morning long despite the effects from the night before. I went from tailgate to tailgate trying different specialties and watching other college games on the flat screens. Finally it was game time. Unfortunately I did not have tickets to the game because I had to work later that night but I love working game days at Joe’s so I was not all the upset. I proceeded to Joe’s to watch the game with the hundreds of other people who were ticketless. We all bonded together to cheer our Cowboys on in our 2010 Homecoming game.

During the game, OSU fans sat side by side with Nebraska fans buying one another drinks and talking to each other like they were old friends. I went on to work halfway through the game and was lucky enough to have great tables all night. Once the game was over and our Cowboys just couldn’t seal the deal, fans did not let the disappointing result ruin the night. Joe’s filled right back up to capacity and the party began again. “Cheese Fries for everyone!” was the first thing I heard when I walked up to my table. An OSU alum proceeded to show the Nebraska fans no hard feelings and bought the entire room cheese fries. “That’s how we do it in Stillwater!” was his last comment before he left Joe’s. I loved it. I love how Stillwater shows the class we have when visitors come into town. I had several Nebraska fans tell me how much they enjoyed their visit to Stillwater. And just how our alumni had said before, that is how we do it in Stilly.

When the night came to an end, I closed down Joe’s. Every person that exited the restaurant and bar let happy and satisfied with their day. How do I know? When they are chanting OSU and slapping Nebraska fans hands, you just know they had a good time at Joe’s. Homecoming did not end the exact way we had all hoped but overall the walk-around, the tailgating, the excitement surrounding the town, and the new friends we made had the weekend closing with class.

Until next GameDay, Go POKES!


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