Home Away From Home…

            Another week has gone by and our Cowboys have yet to make it home. What do we do on a weekend without a home game? Last week we had the Juke Joint Jog, but this week we were riding solo.
     The undefeated Cowboys once again dominated another team. This week our boys took on Louisiana Lafayette and defeated them 44-28. I do not know about you, but I couldn’t be more proud. Where were you when this amazing event was taking place?
     I was at Eskimo Joe’s, posted up at the down dome bar watching OSU on all four of the flat screens that surrounded me. Dave, the bartender kept me filled with cheese fries and $2.00 PBRs. I only left my seat for short bathroom breaks and to stand up and cheer when our boys scored.
     To my left sat a fellow OSU fan slapping my hand every time a play occured. To my right, a student just looking to have a good time but by the end of the evening I had him cheering too.
      During half-time I decided to walk around Joe’s and stretch my legs. I observed the people eating and watching the game. Several people were decked out in orange and black; a few others were in casual wear but still had thier eyes glued to the television. The servers were rushing around in groups making sure every guest was well taken care of and even a few managers were laughing it up with a table or two. People ask me why I go to Joe’s, at that moment I had the perfect answer: I go to Joe’s because I love Joe’s. I love the people that surround Joe’s, I love the alumni that come party at Joe’. I love walking in Eskimo Joe’s every game day knowing that day is going to be great. Not a lot of people can walk into their place of work and say that. Home game, away game, no game at all, the result will be the same; a day at Joe’s is a great day!
Until next game day, Go Pokes!


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