OSU vs. A&M

Victory at Last

Thursday started off for most people at work or at school but as soon as 1 p.m. rolled around, the streets of Stillwater began to fill with football fans ready to tailgate. Elm Street, the location of Eskimo Joe’s, was packed with cars trying to park, hungry OSU and A&M fans, and ESPN playing in the background of several tailgates.

I was among the crowd tailgating on the Elm Street; making my way in and out of Joe’s.  The atmosphere consisted of orange and red waves of people, the smell of cheese fries, and the constant chant of O-S-U. The best part about it all? The chanting was not coming from college students but alumni posted up across the street. It was only right for me to join in and chant along. O-S-U, Cowboys! After a couple more songs (including the fight song), I finally talked the OSU alumni class of ’79 to come by Joe’s later for Bottomless Bottles.

4 o’clock rolled around almost too quickly. I had to serve at Joe’s for the remainder of the evening so I missed out on witnessing the victory over A&M, but I did however get to hang out and listen to several alumni tell me about how Joe’s was the place to be in their day. Never gets old I keep telling myself.

 After the game, Joe’s was once again packed with people ready to eat and celebrate an amazing victory. I crept around the scene for a few minutes trying to scope out just the right person to interview.

Lexi Foster, class of 2005, has not missed a home game since college. “I love my Cowboys. They never disappoint when it comes to putting on a good show.”

Do you come to Eskimo Joe’s a lot on Game days?

“Absolutely! The environment is insane and I love it. I always run into at least one person I know and even if I didn’t, Joe’s is full of so many OSU fans, past and present students, that love to tailgate and celebrate the Cowboys as much as I do.”

What is your favorite part about game days?

“Hmmm…the tailgating is a blast but I think it is actually the walk to the stadium; the feeling of nervousness and excitement. There is nothing like college game day in Stillwater.”

I thanked Lexi for her time and let her and her boyfriend proceed on into Joe’s for the bar scene. 10p.m. Thursday evenings are total chaos. Bottomless Bottles is when guys pay $5 at the door and ladies are free to enter and drink domestic bottles all night long. The bar is packed at this point and the line is getting no shorter. I find my way inside eventually to see rooms full of people wearing orange and red, ages 21 to 60, smiling and enjoying their evening. You see there is no place like Joe’s around here. The experience is unforgettable, the people are undeniably vigorous, and the game itself, never dies. Until next Game day, go Pokes!


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